Shankar (elephant)

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Sex: Male

Species: African Elephant

Date of Birth: 1996

Place of Birth: Unknown

Location of capture: Unknown

Date of capture: 1998

Age at capture: Approx 2

Captive at: Delhi Zoo, India


Shankar the elephant at Delhi Zoo, India
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Shanka was presented to the Minister of State for Environment & Forests, Shri Babu Lal Marandi by the High Commissioner of Zimbabwe to India, Dr. Neville Ndondo. The 26 month old male elephant was named Shankar by the Minister of State for Environment and Forests.

Shankar is chained for 17 hours of the day and does not have adequate space to move around when he is let out. Shankar constantly demonstrates stereotypical behaviour like swaying and head-bobbing, a key sign of distress. His aggressive behaviour has necessitated the zoo authorities to permanently close the viewing pathway since he could be a danger to visitors.

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