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List of racehorses that have died in 2023

This is not a necessarily a definitive list and is constantly being updated (sometimes retrospectively as details are received. In some countries reporting in not mandatory e.g. Australia). Retired racehorse deaths are not included in this list. Contribute to this page contact us.

Name Date Age Location of Death Country Rider Trainer Reported cause of death Ref
Chili Is Hot Jan 1 Ascot Australia Joseph Azzopardi Euthanized - injured / clipped the heels of another horse [1][2]
In My Heart Jan 1 Los Alamito USA Musculoskeletal [3]
Dont Tell David Jan 6 6 Ludlow UK Sam Twiston-Davies Euthanized - fell / injured [4]
Ma Coco Jan 6 Tampa Bay USA Euthanized - pulled up in distress [3]
First Illusion Jan 7 7 Newcastle UK Ross Chapman Euthanized - pulled up / injured [4]
Firing Carol Jan 7 Aqueduct USA Euthanized - injured, vanned off [3]
Tap Union Jan 7 3 Golden Gate USA Colic [3]
Top Bandit Jan 8 Naas Ireland Jack Kennedy Gordon Elliott Fatally injured [5]
Bo Derek Jan 8 Gulfstream USA Went wrong, fell [3]
Big Future Jan 8 Los Alamitos USA Musculoskeletal (bone injury) [3]
Alsalam Jan 9 Los Alamitos USA Musculoskeletal (bone injury) [3]
Ballyglass Jan 10 6 Doncaster UK James Bowen Fatally injured - pulled up [4]
Bloodstockshalltab Jan 12 Batavia USA Euthanized - horse took a bad step [3]
The Cob Jan 13 9 Huntingdon UK Kielan Woods Fatal fall [4]
Emma’s Dance Jan 14 Golden Gate USA [3]
Sa Alors Jan 16 7 Hereford UK James Turner David Bridgwater Euthanized - fell / injured [4]
The Perfect Crown Jan 16 6 Wolverhampton UK Hollie Doyle Archie Watson Euthanized - fell on bend - broke both front legs [4][6]
Admiral Jack Jan 20 3 Newcastle (AW) UK Francis Norton Charlie Johnston Fatally injured - pulled up [4]
Pop Pop Susi Jan 20 Penn USA Euthanized - went bad, vanned off [3]
Press On Jan 20 Santa Anita USA Musculoskeletal (bone injury) [3]
Intranet Jan 21 5 Navan Ireland Euthanized - Injured After Jumping Hurdle
Feeling Well Jan 25 Los Alamitos USA Musculoskeletal (bone injury) [3]
Rocked Up Jan 27 7 Doncaster UK A J ONeill JJ ONeill Euthanized - fell on bend - injured [4]
Garth Road Jan 27 Aqueduct USA Euthanized - pulled up injured, vanned off [3]
Aerator Jan 27 Turfway USA Euthanized - took bad step, in distress [3]
Woodmere Skyroller Jan 27 5 Yonkers USA Died in stall 18 [3]
Actuator Jan 28 3 Santa Anita USA Sudden death [3]
Morningside Jan 29 10 Sedgefield UK Stephen Mulqueen Sandy Forster Fatal fall [4]
Self Inflicted Sid Jan 29 4 Naas Ireland Fatal fall [5]
Franco d Aunou Jan 30 8 Hereford UK Charlie Deutsch V Williams Fatal fall [4]
Party Game Feb 1 Santa Anita USA Musculoskeletal (bone injury) [3]
Torula Feb 2 6 Wincanton UK Luca Morgan Ben Pauling Died after race - collapsed [4]
Hurrikane Mon Ami Feb 4 Yonkers USA Died in stable area (raced two days prior) [3]
Hemlock Feb 4 6 Musselburgh UK Darragh O Keeffe Thomas Gibney Euthanized - fell / injured [4]
Thats A Given Feb 5 9 Musselburgh UK Bruce Lynn NW Alexander Fatal fall [4]
Maggie Barrett Feb 5 7 Musselburgh UK Patrick Wadge B Ellison Euthanized - fell / injured [4]
Auriferous Feb 6 5 Fontwell UK Jamie Moore Gary Moore Fatal fall - broken neck [4]
Unnamed Feb 7 San Luis Rey USA Musculoskeletal (bone injury) [3]
Cerulean Feb 8 4 Santa Anita USA Sudden death [3]
Arcenos Adventure Feb 10 5 Bangor-On-Dee UK Charlie Todd Sam Allwood Fatal fall - broken neck [4]
Caramelito Feb 10 Turfway USA Euthanized - pulled up in distress [3]
Decorated My Life Feb 11 3 Santa Anita Park USA Euthanized - injured [7][8]
Merit Song Feb 11 3 Santa Anita Park USA Euthanized - injured [7][8]
Merci Road Feb 11 Charles Town USA Fell with a fatal injury [3]
Mia Casa Feb 13 Los Alamitos USA Accident [3]
Pillars Of Earth Feb 16 6 Chelmsford UK Jack Mitchell Denis Quinn Fatally injured - broke down [4]
Moot Court Feb 16 8 Leicester UK Liam Harrison Fergal O Brien Euthanized - pulled up / injured [4]
Lord Brownie Feb 17 Belmont USA Euthanized - progressive worsening of laminitis [3]
Petit Verdot Feb 17 Turfway USA Catastrophic injury left shoulder [3]
She’s a Black Bel Feb 18 Aqueduct USA Euthanized - injured foreleg, vanned off [3]
Getabeau Feb 19 5 Musselburgh UK Brian Hughes C Grant Fatal fall - broken neck [4]
Hard Iron Feb 19 7 Musselburgh UK Brian Hughes NG Richards Euthanized - pulled up - injured on bend
Felix Natalis Feb 19 3 Meydan Dubai Ross Atkinson Broke a leg after losing his rider and running loose
Grand Turina Feb 20 12 Lingfield UK Ned Fox V Williams Fatal fall- broke neck and broke foreleg [4]
Jelly Nougat Feb 20 Aqueduct USA Euthanized - suffered an injury [3]
Big Talker Feb 20 4 Santa Anita USA Collapsed and died [3]
Crafty Jack Feb 21 Parx USA Euthanized - suffered catastrophic injury [3]
Friendly Fella Feb 22 Charles Town USA Euthanized - pulled up with fatal injury [3]
Big Laugh Feb 22 2 Golden Gate USA Gastrointestinal [3]
Havana Gold Feb 23 13 Tweenhills UK Fatal pelvis injury
Iron Soul Feb 26 Rillito USA Euthanized - fell [3]
Rap Star Feb 27 Mahoning USA Euthanized - suffered catastrophic injury [3]
Flann Feb 28 Leicester UK Fell - Broke Neck - Dead [4]
Call Me Freddie Mar 1 Wincanton UK Harry Reed Richenda Ford Fatally Injured Running Loose [4]
Mystical Image Mar 1 Turf USA Fatal fall [3]
Starzan Mar 1 Turf USA Fatal fall [3]
Exit Poll Mar 1 9 Wincanton UK Alice Stevens A King Euthanized - Broke Near-Hind Leg [4]
Miss Taken Mar 2 2 Middleburg USA Severe infection in lungs [3]
Lillywave Mar 2 7 Taunton UK Michael Nolan PJ Hobbs Euthanized - Finished Race Lame [4]
Ultimate Diva Mar 3 Golden Gate USA Injured during the gallop out [3][9]
Head Law Mar 4 6 Newbury UK Fatal fall [4]
Heza Valentine Mar 6 Golden Gate USA [3]
Borntobealeader Mar 7 4 Southwell UK J F Egan DE Pipe Euthanized - pulled up / injured [4]
Funwhileitlasted Mar 9 Belmont USA Euthanized in stall [3]
Joy Enamorada Mar 9 Turfway USA Catastrophic injury to right foreleg [3]
Cailin Diana Mar 13 4 Los Alamitos USA Sudden death [10][3]
Malinello Mar 14 8 Cheltenham UK Gina Andrews Ben Pauling Fatal fall [11][12]
Shy Bella Mar 16 Charles Town USA Euthanized - fell [3]
Monymusk Lad Mar 17 7 Fakenham UK Charlie Price Laura Horsfall Fatal injury [13]
Not Bad Are You Mar 17 6 Doncaster UK Finn Lambert N Twiston-Davies Fatally injured [4]
Chef Menteur Mar 18 Gulfstream USA Euthanized - suffered catastrophic injury [3]
Eye of the Tiger Mar 18 Old Friends USA Kiaran McLaughlin [14]
Florescent Star Mar 18 Moonee Valley Australia Teo Nugent Euthanized - fell [15]
Western Safire Mar 18 5 Kempton Park UK Patrick Cowley L J Morgan Euthanized - pulled up / lost action [4]
Lady Macho Mar 18 Laurel USA Euthanized - fell [3]
Mackelduff Mar 18 7 Uttoxeter UK Sean Bowen Olly Murphy [4]
Beverly Vista Mar 19 3 Santa Anita USA Ramon Vazquez Philip D’Amato Euthanized - injured [16]
Oratorio Mar 19 Lincolnshire Horse Trials UK William Fox-Pitt Heart attack [17]
Manuka Bobby Mar 20 Mahoning USA Euthanized - suffered catastrophic injury [3]

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Horse Racing Deaths 2023. Download this image and share this page.
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