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This is not an exhaustive list and there will likely be many more captive animal deaths as many will go unreported. This list and is being constantly updated (sometimes retrospectively). It does not include the deaths of animals in sanctuaries.

If you have information about a captive animal death please contact us or create an account to edit the wiki.

List of animals that are known to have died in captivity in 2023

Name Species [1] Date of Death[2] Location of Death Country Reported Cause of Death Reported Age at Death[3] Refs
Duchess Dolphin Jan Mirage Dolphin Habitat USA 48 [4]
Narnia Нарния Orca Jan Mosvkarium Russia Intestinal volvulus 16 ~
Studebaker Banteng cow Jan Lee Richardson Zoo USA [5]
Unknown Asian elephant Jan Kaebai Meechai Elephant Camp Thailand Died after eating bananas treated with ethylene gas 20 [6]
Lalitha Asian elephant Jan Muthumariamman Temple India While the elephant was unloaded from a vehicle, it fell down and sustained injuries. 60 [7]
Savannah Bengal tiger Jan Texas Zoo USA Euthanized - arthritis and kidney disease [8]
Daisy Orangutan Jan 2 Sedgwick County Zoo USA Euthanized exhibiting kidney and heart failure 41
Bafia Western Lowland gorilla Jan 6 Chessington Zoo UK Euthanized 54 [9]
Augustus Rhinoceros Jan 8 Rolling Hills Zoo USA Euthanized after exhibiting neurological-type symptoms 2
Draco Komodo dragon Jan 8 Akron Zoo USA Egg yolk coelomitis 22
Natalie Southern white rhinoceros Jan 10 North Carolina Zoo USA Euthanized 30 [10]
Unnamed Tamandua Jan 10 Cincinnati Zoo USA 0 [11]
Cinnamon Coppery titi monkey Jan 13 ~ Denver Zoo USA Euthanized: late-stage kidney failure 31
Berlin Polar bear Jan 14 ~ Kansas City Zoo USA Euthanized: hypertension and renal failure 33 [12]
Oscar Black-footed cat Jan 14 ~ John Ball Zoo USA Euthanized: suspected intestinal illness 16
Unnamed Asian elephant Jan 15 Zurich Zoo Germany Undeveloped / weakness 0 [13] [14]
Jewel Asian elephant Jan 15 Los Angeles Zoo USA Euthanized due to declining health 61
Dusk Red panda Jan 16 ~ Calgary Zoo USA Euthanized after a diagnosis that included progressive heart disease coupled with advanced kidney disease 18
Winnie Grizzly bear Jan 16 Great Bend Brit Spaugh Zoo USA Gastric torsion 10
Cuban Crocodile Jan 18 ~ National Zoological Gardens Sri Lanka Old age and animal-related diseases or death due to human negligence Unknown [15]
Matilda Moose Jan 19 NEW Zoo USA Euthanized 12 [16]
Tahoe Harris hawk Jan 20 ~ Zoo Atlanta USA Got into a fight with a wild animal in his secure outdoor mew and died from his injuries. [17]
Hemingway Dolphin Jan 23 Clearwater Marine Aquarium USA Suspected gastrointestinal condition 32 ~
Valentine Wolverine Jan 24 ~ Zoo New York USA Euthanized with stomach cancer 16
Pin Lappet-faced vulture Jan 24 ~ Dallas Zoo USA "an unusual wound and injuries, which pointed to this not being a natural death" [18]
Ceiba Jaguar Jan 24 ~ Saint Louis Zoo USA Euthanized 20 [19]
Amalee Asian elephant Jan 27 Zoo Praha Czech Republic Elephant endotheliotropic herpes 2
Revital Orangutan Jan 31 Zoo Basel Switzerland 22
LeLe Giant panda Feb 1 Memphis Zoo USA Heart disease 24 [20]
Magadh White tiger Feb 1 Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park (Patna zoo) India Blood protozoan disease 'Cub' [21]
Johari Eastern black rhinoceros Feb 4 ~ Little Rock Zoo USA Possible gastrointestinal symptoms 27
Stella Jaguar Feb 5 Milwaukee Zoo USA Age-related health conditions that worsened 19 [22]
Sammy Dromedary camel Feb 7 Brevard Zoo USA 27
Rajah Bengal tiger Feb 9 Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo USA Euthanized after declining health conditions 18 [23]
Dodo Asian elephant Feb 9 ~ Patara Elephant Farm Thailand Unknown
Gracie Moon bear Feb 10 ~ Roger Williams Park Zoo USA Euthanized 13
Ben Bornean orangutan Feb 12 Brookfield Zoo USA Euthanized 44
Parker Masai giraffe Feb 13 ~ Seneca Park Zoo USA Found unresponsive after getting stuck in the support structure of a giraffe enclosure gate and breaking his neck 6
Donna Black bear Feb 13 Cameron Park Zoo USA Euthanized - skin cancer, arthritis [24]
Hermie American bison Feb 13 Columbus Zoo and Aquarium USA Euthanized after he did not successfully recover from anesthesia 12
Hima Snow Leopard Feb 14 Miller Park Zoo USA Renal disease 13 [25]
Michael Masai giraffe Feb 15 Santa Barbara Zoo USA Euthanized - arthritis 15
Big Mama Boa constrictor Feb 15 Lee Richardson Zoo USA 33
Sukari Lion Feb 23 San Francisco Zoo USA Splenic lymphoma 20
Babli Zebra Feb 23 Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park (Patna zoo) India Cardiac arrest 6 [21]
Mei Mei Red panda Feb 28 Marwell Zoo UK Euthanized 9
Bud Cheetah Mar 2 ~ Maryland Zoo USA Euthanized - gastrointestinal illness 8
Unknown Golden tabby tiger Mar 2 Karachi zoo Pakistan Investigation being conducted[26] "had been ill for a long time and apparently failed to receive proper care" 13
Korol Amur tiger Mar 3 Alaska Zoo USA "Complications from old age" 19 [27]
Sandrine Asian elephant Mar 3 Givskud Zoo Denmark Euthanized - "disease-related" 57 [28]
Medu Asian elephant Mar 3 Givskud Zoo Denmark Euthanized - "because she should not be alone in the facility" [after Sandrine was euthanized - see above] 54 [28]
Gordy Groundhog Mar 3 Milwaukee Zoo USA Euthanized - quality-of-life concerns [11]
Sedge River otter Mar 4 Beardsley Zoo USA "Sedge's death was unexpected as he was recently under medical care for an infection" [29]
Rex Rough-toothed dolphin Mar 6 Clearwater Marine Aquarium USA Rex stopped eating three days before he died - necropsy pending 8 [30]
Glinda Amur tiger Mar 7 Potawatomi Zoo USA Did not successfully recover from anesthesia [31]
Kipele Giraffe Mar 8 Denver Zoo USA Euthanized - mobility issues 29
Daisy Giraffe Mar 9 St. Paul’s Como Park Zoo USA Euthanized - arthritis 23
Marius Polar bear Mar 9 Copenhagen Zoo Denmark Electrocuted "young" [32]
Glinda Amur tiger Mar 7 ~ Potawatomi Zoo USA Did not successfully recover from anesthesia [33]
Kiska Orca Mar 10 Marineland Canada Bacterial infection 49 ~ [34]
Vicky Zebra Mar 11 Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park (Patna zoo) India 4 [21]
Maya Red panda Mar 13 Jardin des Plantes Zoo France Euthanized 18 [11]
Blizzard Artic fox Mar 17 Wildwood Zoo USA 10 [35]
Sota Giraffe Mar 17 Reid Park Zoo USA Euthanized [36]
Yaqi Asian elephant Mar 18 Jinan Zoo China Multiple organ failure 3 [37]
Mrs. B Bald eagle Mar 20 Great Bend-Brit Spaugh Zoo USA Euthanized 49 ~ [38]

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Notes / references

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  2. Dates are sometimes approximate as institutions don't always release details of the animal death immediately it occurs.
  3. The age of the animal is sometimes not known exactly.
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